Thursday, April 5, 2012

I must speak to this.

So some tailwinds blew my way today, unexpectedly.

Uno worked hard yesterday to help his brother earn money for a Skylander character. Today, Uno worked hard (and Dos helped) to earn money for his own Skylander. He scrubbed pots and pans, loaded the dishwasher, spent an hour weeding the lawn, vacuumed the whole first level AND THE STAIRS, helped switch, sort, fold, and deliver laundry, and hauled in the trash and recycling bins. (And did all his school work.)

We loaded up in the van and headed to Wal-Mart where just yesterday he saw the very character he wanted. And of course it was not there tonight.

So we checked another store.

And another store.

And another store.

We called another store.

And another store.

There were tears, but this kid is so unbelievably gracious.

"Thanks for driving me all around," he said multiple times (a couple of times through the tears).

He decided to go to one more store (despite a phone call that yielded another "no") and choose a different character. Such a good sport, good grief.

We walked in. Dos spotted the display. Right in front sat the holy grail of Skylander characters that Uno had his heart set on. (Cynder, for those interested.) The only one we could find in the store.


Then? Just a few minutes ago at 1:00 a.m. our time? I got a reservation for our summer vacation. I was afraid there was no way I could get us in, but I did. The reservation lady said over 12,000 people called the first day registration was available last year, and that didn't count online attempts. But the lady also told me to stay up and reserve online the very second registration opened, so I did. And I got it.

The place I went as a kid. In the mountains.

A minute after my reservation went through, the website was flooded and a "please keep trying" message appeared. Our confirmation e-mail is safe in our inbox. (I keep checking because I kind of still can't believe it.)

Praise the Lord for tailwinds today.

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Helena said...

Beautiful! Oh, I LOVE this story. So happy for you ALL.

(And I have no idea about Skylander or its characters or anything but am so so pleased you found it. Your kids are just lovely)