Thursday, July 12, 2012

Is that bad?

There is a lot of talk this time of year about back-to-school supplies. Homeschool moms speak of their excitement and the traditions they have built with their kids in the School Supply Aisle.

I do not understand this. Perhaps, after four years of buying prescribed lists of supplies for public school classrooms, I'm a bit jaded. It seems like we don't need much in terms of supplies, and I end up buying bits and pieces through the year. Here's what I bought this week:

-pencils (a box of 24)
-erasers (a pack of 4)
-two composition books
-a pack of notebook paper
-a pack of graph paper
-a compass

I wish I had the desire to go on a big school supply shopping bonanza (complete with ice cream treats afterwards with the kids), but I fizzle in that arena. I'm a sparkler in the land of M-80s. I think, "Oh I need some pencils. Might as well get some paper too," then I run out of the aisle.

That is all.


Deb said...

I love the back-to-school aisle, but only because I have a sickness where I can't pass up crayons for a quarter. I also have more 10c notebooks than I can shake a stick at. I'd be better off ignoring the whole thing like you do.

Are they really putting the stuff out already? It's only the middle of July!

Hi Kooky said...

Deb - Yes! Get thee to a Target! I was the only shopper in the school section, but then again, maybe the sale hadn't started. (I'm perfectly awful at keeping track of sales.)

kyooty said...

I'm not even thinking about it, I just can't think about it until mid august.

Misty McGregor said...

HI....I am a 43 year Mom of two....and live in Canada. We don't have Target but we do have Zellers (which incidentally Target has bought over and will convert to Target stores by next year across Canada) and Walmart. Most Moms I spoke to said they had so many school supplies left over from the year before and won't be shopping this year. end of August....and both Zellers and Walmart school supply aisles looked like they were hit by a tornado! People bought supplies like their lives depended on it...I saw one couple with two shopping carts filled to the brim with files, paper, pencils and crayons....??!! They had four kids tagging along and whining about how they needed more of everything. Anyway....for my two kids, we first checked the house for supplies and all we needed were - a box of pencils, two bottles of glue, pack of erasers, geometry set and pack of paper. Love your blog!